Welcome Pre-Teens!

This is a site all about birthday party ideas, I always have trouble thinking of what to do on my birthday so here are some great ideas for you. These are some of my favourite birthday parties I have had over the years. Enjoy!

Party Themes

This is The hardest part of organising a party, deciding on a theme. To think of a theme I just think about the things I love to do or things I like. You can turn almost anything into a theme. Below are some pictures of my favourite themes I have had over the years:



There are so many great places to have a party. Sometimes having a party at home is just too hectic. Want a pool party, rent out the local or school pool and a few blow up toys/activities and you've got a party. If there is no pool around find a park or a gym, any place with space to run around. Here are some of my favourite party destinations:


Cake is the most important part of any birthday party, some great, easy and amaizing looking cakes are below:

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